The School Purchasing Alliance is a Procurement and Support Services Purchasing Cooperative formed by group of Southeast Texas School Districts in partnership with Marketplace Alliance as a managing consultant. The main objective is to provide volume purchasing power to its over 35 member school districts within the TDA Region 3 Commodity Distribution Area.

The School Purchasing Alliance is a food purchasing cooperative among school districts formed to take advantage of the combined aggregate demand with the goal of getting lower prices from selected suppliers. The objectives are to reduce costs and share in the best practices of procurement.

Purchasing Cooperatives follow laws requiring competitive bidding above certain thresholds. School Districts and departments within school districts will typically sign an interlocal agreement or contract that allows them to legally use a contract that was procured by another governmental entity. It is advantageous to become a member in order to gain access any of the multitude of competitively bid and legally awarded contracts available in through a cooperative.